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Dental Product

Rates good through Feb 28, 2023

Platinum Plan

Member Only: $66.33

Member + One: $132.67

Member + Family: $167.49

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Gold Plan

Member Only: $38.71

Member + One: $77.43

Member + Family: $97.75

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Vision Product

Rates good through Feb 28, 2023

Member Only: $11.94

Member + One: $20.94

Member + Family: $26.04

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Your spouse and dependent children up to the month they turn age 26 are eligible for coverage. Disabled dependent children 26 and older may be covered indefinitely.
A one time $20 application fee applies.


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Authorization to honor drafts by the Association Members Benefits Advisors (AMBA).

NOTE: Bank drafts occur on the 2nd business day of each month.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that I am submitting an application for dental or vision insurance marketed by Association Members Benefits Advisors. Each application includes a one-time $20 application fee that is assessed on the same day as my first initial premium (void where prohibited). I understand that if I have any further questions I can reach AMBA at 1-844-385-4359. Should I decide to terminate my coverage during the first thirty days I am entitled to a refund of my premiums. I will return any claims paid during that time to the insurer. Terminations must be submitted in writing. I understand that by completing this form and clicking the submit button I am requesting coverage for the endorsed plans marketed through Association Members Benefits Advisors (AMBA).