Serious dental and gum diseases can still occur despite diligent brushing and flossing. See your dentist regularly so any issues may be addressed before they worsen.

To do this affordably, get a Dental Plan through your association and AMBA to cover exams as well as the unexpected.

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Grinding one's teeth can cause teeth to loosen, or can be an indication of untreated gum disease. If the problem is not addressed, the tooth might become fully unstable and fall out completely.

A Dental Policy provides:
  • TONS of covered procedures; exams, x-rays, root canals, dentures, and so much more!
  • BIG SAVINGS when using an in-network provider.
  • LOW deductibles and HIGH maximums
  • COVERAGE for individuals and families
  • NO WAITING periods!
  • GUARANTEED Acceptance

Be PROACTIVE with your dental health and get coverage RIGHT NOW

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Over 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. In your mouth alone, there are around 700 distinct species of bacteria. Keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your dentist.

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AMBA has protected educators and public employees with insurance and benefits for more than 30 years. Through it all we've forged strong relationships with top insurance carriers that allow us to offer wide-ranging coverage and products to retirees, professionals, individuals and families. From dental and vision insurance to professional liability and Medicare supplement, AMBA has you covered.