Enroll in Affordable Dental
& Vision plans from IRSPA
Use your doctor or save up to 50% in-network
400,000 dental & 36,000 vision providers in-network
Yearly maximums up to $1,200.00
No waiting periods: coverage begins right away
Your Teeth & Eyes
Will Say Thanks!

Iowa Retired School Personnel Association (IRSPA) knows Retired School Personnel like you. Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) knows insurance. Together we can provide you with the dental and vision plans you need to keep your teeth and eyes healthy now and for years to come.

Enroll in Dental & Vision Plans in 4 easy steps.

Dental Plans That Fit Your Budget:
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  • Keep your dentist or choose an In-Network dentist and save
  • Over 400,000 providers to choose from, whether home or away
  • No waiting period – get access right away
  • Covers exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, implants, and more
  • High annual maximum
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Enroll In A Dental Plan:

Standard Dental Plan:

from $44.86 /month
unselect plan
Member $44.86/month
Member +1 $90.38/month
Member +Family $111.32/month
(lifetime & per person)
Annual Maximum:
(per year & per person)
Preventative SERVICE:
Covers up to 80%
  • Bitewing X-Rays (once every 12 months)
  • Full Mouth X-Rays (once every 5 years)
  • Routine Cleanings
  • Routine Oral Exams
Covers up to 80%
  • Emergency care
  • Fillings
  • General Anesthesia
  • Oral Surgery
Covers up to 50%
  • Crown (once every 5 years)
  • Dentures
  • Endodontics (root canals)
  • Implants
  • Periodontics (gum disease)

Use your current dentist OR Save 25-50% with a dentist in our network. Find a dentist

Details may vary based on start date. Please note it may take 10-15 days to process your enrollment. You will receive a ‘welcome to the program’ letter which will include your group number and carrier details. Please consult your policy as the final ultimate source of covered services and program details.
Rates valid from 1 March, 2023 to 29 February, 2024.
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Vision Plans With A Clear Difference:
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Get quality coverage on the vision services you need:

  • Thousands of eye doctors nationwide
  • Covers in & out of network
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses and more

Enroll In A Vision Plan:

Man with glasses

Choice Vision Plan:

from $12.72 /month
unselect plan
Member $12.72/month
Member +1 $22.30/month
Member +Family $27.75/month
Exam Copay: $15
Frames Copay: $25
Frames Allowance:
$170 for featured frames
Contacts Allowance: $150

Quality Coverage With Low Copays

  • WellVision Exam every 12 months with $15 copay.
  • Contact Lens Exam every 12 months
  • Glasses with a $25 copay, 20% savings on additional glasses.
  • Lenses every 12 months: 100% coverage on most
  • Frames every 24 months: up to $170, then 20% off
  • Up to 25% savings on anti-reflective & UV coating
    • 100% Coverage On Standard Progressive Lenses
    • 20-25% saving on non-covered lens enhancements such as anti-reflective and UV coating
    • Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, and Lined Trifocal Lenses
  • Find Your Eye Doctor

Use the largest independent doctor network in the country plus retailers you know:

Costco Walmart VisionWorks Eyeonic
Details may vary based on start date. Upon enrollment you will receive a ‘welcome to the program’ letter then you will receive your full policy documents and ID cards. Please consult your policy as the final ultimate source of covered services and program details.
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